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Clarify Home Light Therapy Treatment

Clarify™ Home Light Therapy

Home light therapy with Narrow Band UVB (Ultra Violet B), a proven treatment for Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Other Chronic Skin Conditions.

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The Challenges of UVB Light Therapy

Though very effective in treating many skin conditions, in-office UVB (Ultra Violet B) phototherapy requires multiple weekly visits for many months. Many patients find that the commitment of time and money required to commute to offices or clinics for just a few minutes of therapy is too burdensome. Home UVB therapy solves the commuting problem, but many home patients feel isolated during treatment—cut off from their physicians.

Our system allows you to receive narrow band UVB light therapy anytime, anywhere, with the easy-to-use Clarify handheld synched with your smartphone. Throughout treatment, you remain connected with your physician and with Clarify.

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