Why it’s time to Clarify… Home Phototherapy

Why it’s time to Clarify…home phototherapy is finally made easy, safe and effective!

In recent years, I’ve been noticing articles written by dermatology key opinion leaders, including the current president of the American Academy of Dermatology, asking the question, “what happened to phototherapy?”  Despite light therapy’s long history of safety and efficacy, it has fallen out of favor.  Many dermatologists don’t think about it for their patients because it is impractical as it requires frequent office visits during the week—months on end at times, especially for those with vitiligo.  Home phototherapy, despite it being as efficacious as in-office phototherapy, requires high motivation for both patient and physician.  To perform light therapy well requires personalized education and an intensive support system as the optimal dose of light changes frequently throughout the course of treatment and a person’s adherence to treatments impacts the healing outcomes.

Inspired by the story of patients trying to create their own home light therapy units, a multidisciplinary group of patients, engineers, physicians and business leaders sought out to address the historical issues related to providing home phototherapy.  After years of research and development, we’re excited and proud to finally share with you the Clarify Medical™ Home Light Therapy System.

The Clarify Medical Home Light Therapy System is comprised of a lightweight, portable and powerful handheld emitting LED-driven narrowband UVB.  The Clarify Mobile App empowers patients to self-treat where and when most convenient, based on their physician’s prescription plan.  It helps remind patients to perform treatments and photograph the healing progress and automatically tracks treatment records.  A Clarify CarePartner provides vital support for patients to make everyone’s lives easier. The results we’ve been seeing have been really great too!

Here’s what people are saying…

What Patients are saying:

  • “Light therapy works. No time is wasted when using something that works!  This is “empowering” for many Clarify patients.”

What Parents are saying:

  • “The results were great! He did SO well and the results seem to last much longer. But it was only available at a couple of clinics near us. It was a couple times a week for only a few minutes. He was in high school and the school band and it was really inconvenient to get him there. I was relying on my mom to help us because I had to work and my other son would have to go too. The light therapy had great results but it just wasn’t convenient. He did really well after only a few months but it was so inconvenient, so we stopped. We recently were using a new in home therapy and he has done so well with that.”

What Support Staff are saying:

  • “If the Clarify Home Light Therapy System can help a particular area for a patient who has this chronic condition….it’s huge!  Whether in conjunction with topicals, biologics, etc., it is HUGE for that patient.”

What Physicians are saying:

  • “CarePartners act as our first-line resource for our patients really alleviating our staff needing to be on the phone with multiple Q+A.”
  • “Patients with chronic skin conditions support is absolutely essential and Clarify CarePartners will help our patients.”

We’re hoping you can help us set the record straight and help us clarify any misconceptions out there—home phototherapy is finally easy, safe and effective!

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