Clarify Home Light Therapy

Before proceeding with your order, let's make sure home light therapy is right for you. If the following applies to you, you're ready to move forward and Proceed to Checkout.

Photo of Clarify Home Light Therapy System
  • My skin condition is treatable with light therapy (aka phototherapy).
  • I understand what results of home light therapy can be expected and how long therapy may last.
  • I am motivated to take responsibility for my own treatment at home.
  • I have a recent Android or iOS smartphone, and I am comfortable using it.
  • I can reach the affected skin areas (or have someone to help)
  • I understand the importance of good communication with Clarify CarePartners and my doctor and will ask for help when needed.

(Financing options available with payments as low as $25 with PayPal Credit)

Not ready to buy now but want to stay informed?

Not ready to buy now, but want to learn how the Clarify Home Light Therapy System will work for you?

One button operation. No charts, protocol
books or treatment logs.
Portable, effective therapy with minimal lifestyle impact. No appointments, parking or waiting.
Your physician’s prescription controls dosage, and your Clarify CarePartner answers any questions.
Choose treatment and reminder times that
work for you.

What’s included with your purchase

Clarify Home Light Therapy device

Comprehensive Clarify Support Services

Clarify support includes a team of Clarify CarePartners who are ready to answer any questions and support your treatments along the way. Comprehensive Clarify support includes:

  • Email, chat, and phone support from the CarePartners team
  • Complete record of your treatments and photo records of our progress available to you and your physician
  • Patient education regarding treatment and the Clarify system
  • Succinct treatment progress reports for your physician
  • Communication back to your physician, when needed
  • Software updates for both the App and Handheld

Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Clarify Medical Home Light Therapy system (device and software) is covered by a one year warranty against manufacturing defects.

If your device has stopped working and is still under warranty, please contact us for troubleshooting assistance. If we find that your device is in fact defective while within the warranty period we will issue a replacement upon receipt of the defective device within 7 days. If the root cause is determined to be a software defect, we will address the defect with a software patch within a reasonable time frame. If the failure is determined to be caused by the user or is otherwise outside of the scope of the warranty, we will bill for time and materials to fix your device or charge for a replacement device.

Contact a Clarify System Consultant at or 877-738-6041 if you have any questions.