Meet the College Senior Repigmenting Her Face with Clarify Medical’s Home Light Therapy

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Simone shows the pigment returning on her face. Left, Simone before the treatment. Right, Simone’s most recent picture after three weeks of using Clarify Medical’s Home Light Therapy System. These photos have not been retouched.

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“It’s weird!” That was the conclusion that Simone Girma, a 21-year-old college senior studying in Los Angeles this semester, had about her light therapy results with Clarify Medical. And for someone who’s lived with spots on her face for eight years, it would be weird to see pigment coming back.

Just three weeks into her treatment with Clarify Medical’s Home Light Therapy System, Simone’s face is already starting to freckle – an early, but positive result towards her skin returning to its natural color.

“It really is weird,” said Simone, giggling with excitement. “I had completely embraced my spots. Now I don’t know what I’m going to look like.”

Just 13 years old when she first got vitiligo, Simone watched as she lost pigment on her hands, face, knees, elbows and underarms. After trying a topical cream that irritated her skin, she decided it was easier to live with the spots – until she found Clarify Medical’s giveaway, offering a free home light therapy system. Now Simone is treating her face, hands and underarms – the most visible areas – as one of three recipients of the system.

“I’ve seen freckling on my armpits, eyes, nose, and lips,” said Simone, who administers treatment three times a week after her morning shower. “It’s a slight difference but a difference nonetheless.”

According to Simone, each session takes about 30-45 minutes at home, and she has one “progress check” on the app each week. In addition to freckling, she’s also seeing some of her spots tan – especially on her face. And while repigmentation is coming more slowly on her hands – the most difficult area to treat – and her underarms, Simone says she hasn’t gotten any new spots since she started treatment. And that’s a start.

“I think it’s a super relaxing form of self-care,” said Simone, who listens to podcasts while she administers the treatment. “I really like the Clarify Medical system because of the interactive approach. The team has been more than willing to engage with me and answer my questions.”

Could she imagine having all of her natural skin color return?

“I’m taking it day by day,” said Simone, who is still getting used to her new reflection. “It’s a transition. But it’s a good one.”

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