The Connection (or not!) between Diet and your Psoriasis Flares

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A simple google search will yield a plethora of “psoriasis diets,” but be aware that the ideas and recommendations in these diets are all just theories.  And some of them are total hoaxes! Lots of people have ideas and some claim to have the solution, but no one has the proof. Maybe it qualifies as “fake news.”  Just as many foods have been blamed for psoriasis flares, as have been praised for improving psoriasis symptoms. It’s best to pay attention to your own experience with your diet and psoriatic symptoms. If your skin worsens after you eat certain foods, then don’t eat them and see what happens. It’s possible that food could be a trigger. Consider keeping a food journal so that you can monitor possible triggering foods.

While there is no known direct connection between psoriasis and diet, there is still a lot you can do to support a healthy immune and digestive system and reduce inflammation.

It’s best to follow a healthy, well-balanced, portion controlled way of eating. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish, and high fiber foods like beans and legumes. Also, stay hydrated by drinking around three liters of water per day and get plenty of exercise. Creating a routine with healthy habits will lead to feeling your best. See below for a day of recommended eating:

BREAKFAST: ½ cup oatmeal, ¼ cup walnuts, 1 tsp cinnamon, 6 oz Greek yogurt, handful blueberries

SNACK: Carrots, 2 Tbsp hummus

LUNCH: Salad – Spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, 4 oz grilled Chicken, 2 tsp. Oil and vinegar

DINNER: 5 oz roasted salmonroasted cauliflower, sautéed spinach, ½ cup lentils

Eat fewer refined carbohydrates like white rice and pasta, and limit red meat and full fat dairy products. Be mindful of high saturated and trans fats and sugary foods, and watch your alcohol intake as it can aggravate psoriasis symptoms. Also, avoid refined and processed foods. These changes in your diet along with additional treatment, such as the Clarify Medical Home Light Therapy system, can help to reduce flares.

Making changes to your diet may not cure your psoriasis or psoriatic flares, but eating a healthy, balanced diet will help to control your weight and your psoriasis; as well as lower your risk of other conditions like heart disease, diabetes and stroke. 

Skylar Nelson is a Clarify CarePartner and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who is an authority on the use of food and nutrition to promote health and manage disease. He is passionate about supporting patients through a healthy diet and lifestyle.
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