The Clarify Medical
Home Light Therapy System

Our system consists of our lightweight UVB handheld device with innovative LED technology, the Clarify Mobile App, and CarePartner support. The handheld is linked to the Clarify Mobile App which enables you to schedule treatment times and reminders, take progress photos, and guides you through each treatment step-by-step. The app also controls therapy delivery per your doctor's prescription, adjusts therapy delivery based on your treatment progress, and reminds you when to schedule a follow-up appointment with your doctor.

Clarify System diagram

It starts with your doctor

Your physician prescribes a personalized treatment program that controls dosage and treatment frequency in different body areas. All of the data from your device is stored safely and securely. Both you and your physician can access this data at any time. Our system will also provide you with treatment reminders.

Ask your doctor if the Clarify Home Light Therapy System is right for you. Here are some handy reference materials to share on your next appointment.

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Your treatment, on your terms

Simple & Convenient

  1. Lightweight, portable
  2. Easy, one button operation
  3. Screen guides you through each prescribed treatment
  4. LED Phototherapy with no warm-up time needed

Smart. Connected. Confident.

Your smartphone is the brains of the operation, which makes our system even smarter. Instead of developing bulky hardware to control our handheld, we leveraged the billions of dollars in research and development in smartphones by creating a one-of-a-kind mobile app to control the handheld. The app also links you with your physician and with Clarify CarePartners so you can share photos of your skin-healing progress and other information at any time.

We’re here to help

Clarify support includes a team of Clarify CarePartners who are ready to answer any questions and support your treatments along the way. Comprehensive Clarify support includes:

•Email, chat, and phone support from the CarePartners team

•Complete record of your treatments and photo records of your progress available to you and your physician

•Patient education regarding treatment and the Clarify system

•Succinct treatment progress reports for your physician

•Communication back to your physician, when needed

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Order your system today so you can begin treatments as soon as your system arrives. Our system is very affordable when compared to other therapies. You can pay with credit card, FSA or HSA account, or via PayPal. If you want to finance your system, you can do so for as low as $25 a month via PayPal CREDIT or Upstart.

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