Author: Charlene Kakimoto MD

Why it’s time to Clarify… Home Phototherapy

Why it’s time to Clarify…home phototherapy is finally made easy, safe and effective! In recent years, I’ve been noticing articles written by dermatology key opinion leaders, including the current president of the American Academy of Dermatology, asking the question, “what happened to phototherapy?”  Despite light therapy’s long history of safety and efficacy, it has fallen out of….

What to do when a Psoriasis Flare-up Strikes (Also helpful for managing Vitiligo and other skin diseases)

What to do when a Psoriasis flare-up strikes.

When a flare-up is serious, don’t put off seeking professional advice or treatment Get medical advice when it’s needed— soon. When you get in touch with your healthcare provider to set up an appointment, don’t just ask them for their next available time slot. Tell them you’re calling because of an unusual or severe flare. Even….